Links to inclusion

Fair Access Protocol (FAP)

FAPs exist to ensure that vulnerable children, and those who are having difficulty securing a school place in-year, are allocated a place as quickly as possible.

The FAP protocol for both Primary and Secondary schools in Bexley can be found here:

Primary Fair Access Protocol September 2023

Secondary Fair Access Protocol January 2024

Managed Moves

A managed move is a voluntary agreement between schools, parents/carers and a pupil, for that pupil to change school or educational programme under controlled circumstances. Managed moves are often used as an alternative to permanent exclusion; the result is that no exclusion is formally logged on the pupil’s school record.

More information on Managed Moves within Bexley can be found here: Managed Moves

If you have any questions regarding Managed Moves, please contact Kelly Ward via

Pupils Missing Out on Education

PMOE flowchart Nov 2023

All schools must inform the local authority of any pupil who fails to attend school regularly or has been absent without the school’s permission for a continuous period of 10 school days or more.

In order to fill out this form, you must be a representative of a school that falls within the London Borough of Bexley.

For support on the reporting procedures, please find this here: PMOE Online reporting support

Horizons referrals

All referrals for support from Horizons Academy are made through Bexley Council.

More information on Horizons referrals can be found here:

Horizons – Bexley Referral Form (Updated March 2024)

Inclusion Panel Risk assessment form

Behaviour Support Checklist

Following on from feedback given to us by education leaders in Bexley, the “Behaviour, Safeguarding and Attendance” sub-group of the Strategic Education Partnership have created a “Behaviour Support Checklist” which can be used by any professional to help map and track the support given to pupils in need of help.

You can download a copy of this form here: Behaviour Support Checklist

There is no formal expectation of this form being used but we hope it is of help to you in identifying possible ideas to support pupils and their needs.

It has been shared in a Word format so that you can adapt as needed and you are also welcome to add additional information as necessary.

Please share this document with anyone who may find it helpful in supporting a child or young person.