Find  a document

The Document Centre is where you can search for all of the documents in use in the Strategic Education Partnership from minutes and agenda papers from the Strategic Board and sub-groups, to government papers on key issues affecting education nationally and in Bexley.  This acts as a central storage space, enabling access to all documents via the search function.

Find a skilled expert

If you have an area of need in your school, from mentoring or school improvement to mental wellbeing or areas of pedagogy or curriculum, this is where you can seek support from other Bexley head teachers with experience in that particular area. It includes opportunities to share expertise, knowledge and innovative practice through learning visits, case studies, support and opportunities to take part in local projects.  The directory includes a database of accredited NLEs, LLEs, SLEs and NLGs.

Buy a service

Bexley Services Network (BSN) is our online portal for accessing a wide range of high-quality professional support for educational organisations in Bexley and beyond.  Our support service offers both standardised and bespoke approaches to assessment analysis, leadership and subject-specific training, information networks covering the latest national information as well as reviews and expert school improvement advice.  As an all-encompassing offer, we also provide HR, Governance, Special Educational Needs support and Educational Welfare advice and support amongst a large range of services available to schools.