Wellbeing – shining a spotlight on good practice

The pandemic has brought to the fore the need for schools to look after the wellbeing of staff, pupils and family more than ever. That’s why the WDSP&G sub-group has designed a wellbeing spotlight feature to the website, for you to share your good practice with other colleagues in Bexley and is encouraging your wellbeing leads to join the newly-established Wellbeing Lead group, which replaces the MHF Aiders Forum.
Following the link below, we are asking you to share how you identified your wellbeing need; how you planned, budgeted for and delivered your project; and what the impact was on your target group.  These contributions may feed into a wellbeing toolkit, which is under development.
The Wellbeing Lead Group is run by Pascale Berthellet, Public Health Advisor for Children and Young People, and currently it has representatives from 29 primary, eight secondary and one special school, as well as one alternative provision. It focuses on supporting wellbeing leads in their role of developing a whole school approach to mental health and wellbeing and offers a place to network with colleagues, address any prevalent wellbeing issues and provide a forum to share good practice.

Add your good practice to the wellbeing spotlight

Contact pascale.berthellet@bexley.gov.uk to join the Wellbeing Lead Group