Curriculum strong at East Wickham

Things that may benefit others around our recent Ofsted inspection:

  1. The ‘call’ was earlier than expected (four years from our last inspection would have been April 2020) and the initial phone call lasted only 40 minutes.
  2. Reading was a mandatory deep dive – we chose the others (Maths, History and Spanish).
  3. Inspectors were keen to check that our curriculum is as “effective as the National Curriculum” and wanted to see our master timetable immediately.
  4. Inspectors asked all staff members whether they had read Keeping Children Safe in Education and about safeguarding procedures and information-sharing.
  5. The only data looked at was for Year 2 children who did not ‘pass’ phonics screening in Year 1.

The areas of strength identified by the inspectors were:

  • The wider curriculum was secure and well implemented including ‘exceptional’ Spanish provision
  • Behaviour and personal development
  • Reading and maths
  • Workload reduction and staff wellbeing
  • SEND provision

Aspects that made these strengths stand out were:

  • The design and sequence of the wider curriculum matched teaching in practice.
  • Children’s positive attitudes to learning were observed and noted.
  • Children could express how reading helps them in other curriculum areas.
  • Staff responded positively in the staff survey about their workload and respect for their PPA time.

Inspectors were able to identify these strengths because:

  • Curriculum intent was clear, the implementation was evident and the impact was seen in children’s workbooks, displays and by talking to children.
  • In conversation with inspectors, children felt valued, displayed a ‘growth mind-set’ and clearly understood safeguarding.
  • Inspectors listened to children from the lowest 20% read in Reception and Year 1 and observed the input of the EYFS teacher as she listened to children read. They also scrutinised the Reading and English planning.